Do you know your level?

To divide the levels, we organize ourselves according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), of the Council of Europe, which divides them into six, ordered from lowest to highest:

  • A1 (Breakthrough) - You will learn to introduce yourself and talk about yourself, others and your interests.

  • A2 (Waystage) - You will be able to talk about past experiences and your needs.

  • B1 (Threshold) - You will be able to express your wishes, talk about the news and understand television programmes.

  • B2 (Vantage) - You will understand long speeches and movies and be able to debate and give arguments.

  • C1 (Advance) - It will be possible for you to interpret more formal and more colloquial expressions.

  • C2 (Mastery) - You will have no problem talking about any topic in any situation.

  • A student who wants to start studying Spanish would start at an A1 level up to C2.

If you are not sure what level you need, you can ask for a placement test and we will let you know which level best suits your needs. Let us know by the email info@estudiar.ee if you would like to have a placement test and we will contact you shortly.