Read some testimonies of our former students!

Rufat Dargahli — Azerbaijan (B2)

Lana TediashviliGeorgia (A1)

I had group classes with Rafa for a year, was impressed by his fun and interactive teaching style! We covered all four aspects of language, including reading, listening, writing and speaking. Topics were interesting and practical. Would recommend Rafa to anyone who would likes to improve or even start Spanish from zero level. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the process as much as I did!

Arne Karu — Estonia (A2)

I am a slow learner and Rafael is a patient teacher. The speed in a group of class was too fast for me, so we went over to private study and I cannot be happier for that. I can learn Spanish on my own pace and have fun at the same time. Because Rafael is warm, friendly and funny. Besides the language, I also learn culture and customs with him. And it is best to learn all of that from a native Spaniard.

Mery Kajaia Georgia (A2)

Rafael Salieto was my Spanish teacher at the University of Tartu. His teaching methods were among the best. In just a semester, I could communicate, write short texts and understand a great deal in Spanish. Rafael put a lot of effort in making sure that his students receive a comprehensive training. Not only did he rely on books, but he also showed us movies in Spanish. He teaches both grammar and vocabulary as well as colloquial words and phrases in Spanish. He works on his students' speaking skills regularly. He is very enthusiastic and friendly and never gets tired of re-explaining the learning material. My experience as his student was the best language learning experience in my life. I found a really good friend besides an excellent teacher.

Immanuel Kaidisch — Austria (B1)

My online classes with Rafa turned out to be the perfect choice to boost my Spanish skills. After almost a year of regular meetings I feel much more confident when I speak and we were able to discuss many different grammar topics. The lessons were fun, motivating and well structured, so I can recommend Rafa as a teacher to everyone.

Giorgi Lobzhanidze — Georgia (C1)

I spend more time speaking Spanish than my mother tongue! And it’s thanks to Rafa. He helped me learn not only the language but also the culture, which is essential if you want to communicate effectively with native speakers. Today, I have advanced conversations in Spanish with my friends and I even use Spanish in my professional life. ¡Muchas gracias, Rafa!