Translation services


Do you want a new language on your website? Do you need to publish an article in English and you don't feel confident writing? Would you like your book to be on a shelf in another country? We can help you with our translation service. Write an e-mail to and tell us what you need.

Sworn and certified translations

When you want to study, work or even get married or apply for residence permits in another country, sometimes you need to translate some academic, administrative or legal documents. In these cases, it is generally required that this translation is sworn. The most common cases are diplomas and academic certifications and criminal records or birth certificates, although they can cover a wide variety of documents. These translations must be signed and stamped by an official sworn translator-interpreter.

Our translators are authorized by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation as sworn translators-interpreters of English, so they can perform this service from Spanish to English and vice versa.

Here you can see the approximate fares for the sworn translation of some of the most common documents:

  • Academic diploma from a Spanish University (licenciatura, grado, máster, doctorado) - 40€

  • Academic transcript from a Spanish University (licenciatura, grado) - 60€

  • Academic transcript from a Spanish University (máster) - 50€

  • Spanish birth certificate - 45€

  • Spanish criminal records certificate - 45€

Contact us via and tell us what you need. If you need to have more than one document translated, ask about our discount packages.